Q: What is the most efficient mode of international transport for my goods?

A: This most efficient mode is usually determined by a combination of factors - value of goods, weight, size, origin and destination. Contact our experts to evaluate and advise on this.


Q: What can I do to prevent delays and ensure a smooth process of the shipment?

A: Ensure all relevant information and documents about the shipment are made readily available.


Q: Can you pick up cargo from my supplier?

A: Yes we can. Please provide your supplier’s contact details for us to make appropriate arrangements.


Q: How do I identify my cargo once it reaches your warehouse?

A: When you will fill the inbound cargo alert (ICA) on our website, this will automatically attach the tracking number you provide to your shipping account with us.


Q: Do you handle international household moves?

A: Yes. Through our network of international partners we can make relocation a seamless process for you.


Q: What documents do I need to import or export goods?

A: The required documents depend on the goods and the locations involved. Hence, please contact us for more details. 

Air Freight FAQ's


Q: Does size matter for air shipment?

A: Yes, air freight is based on both the actual weight and changeable weight of the cargo.


Q: How is changeable weight calculated?

A: To calculate chargeable weight, you’ll need the dimensions of the package. It can be calculated using this link.



Q: What is the maximum size or weight?

A: This varies depending on the airline. As a rule of thumb, maximum normal cargo dimension is 120” x 80” x 60”.

As the weight and size increase so will the cost. If your cargo is oversized or requires special handling, ask us about special rates.


Q: What is the minimum size or weight?

A: 1lb 


Q: Can you assist in making purchases on my behalf?

A: Yes we can. Give us a call to talk to one of our experts to assist you in shopping from any merchant across the world


Q: If I do not use your service for Freight can you offer Customs Clearing services to me?

A: Yes we can. We are a licensed Customs Agent and we will be glad to offer our services to you



Q: Do you have warehouse where I can drop off the cargo?

A: Yes, we have receiving warehouse.

Please let us know your cargo location and we will advise you the closest receiving warehouse.


Q: How and where can I pick up the cargo at destination?

A: Our Lagos warehouse is the usual pick up point. Should you want door delivery or any other form of delivery, please give us a call.


Q: Can I ship Hazardous Goods via Air?

A: Yes, please give us details on the goods and quantity to be shipped in order for our in-house IATA trained Dangerous Goods personnel to evaluate and advise on best way to ship them.


Q: What is the typical transit time?

A: Airport to airport 3-5 days on average. Door to door varies depending on customs clearance, estimate 5-7 days.

Delays and/or changes to schedules can happen. Best way to make the cargo ship as quickly as possible is to make sure all paperwork is properly filed before hand, this eases the customs process.


Ocean Freight FAQ's


Q: Can you ship FCL and LCL?

A: Yes, we can ship FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load) from anywhere in the world to Nigeria.


Q: What is the transit time?

A: Transit time is a function of where the load port is, the discharge port and the carriers serving the route. Talk to our experts to help identify the best transit time that offers value for money on your intended route.


Q: Can you purchase and ship a vehicle?

A: Yes, we have a dedicated desk of personnel that will walk you through the process. All payments can be made to us in Nigeria from the convenience of your office.



Payment and Charges FAQ's


Q: What are your payment terms?

A: Freight can either be pre-paid or collect (i.e. customers can pay in our Lagos office at time of collecting their goods.)


Q: How do I pay?

A: Payments can be made by cash deposit, direct transfer of via POS into our account.


Q: What are your charges?

A: Please contact us with details on transport mode, commodity and location in order for us to give a competitive quote on our charges.