Transforming a customer’s business in the logistics world requires a partner who has the right knowledge of the industry, deep insight, backed with innovative thinking capabilities and a winning attitude. JBV brings this to the table when running advisory services for client depending on what aspect of the industry or their business set up they will like to focus on.

Our advisory services covers requirements of clients who are already in business or those that are just about setting up.

  •  International Logistics Advisory
    We provide guidance on how to navigate the world of international logistics, ensuring our customers have the right tools and knowledge to maximize value when conducting or executing their supply chain logistics across national and international borders.We help our clients find the hidden costs in their supply chain. Identifying demand and supply patterns and drivers, which enables to proactively adapt to changing market conditions (including technological developments).


  • Maritime Operations Advisory
    Maritime operations in Nigeria can be weary and challenging even for old war horses! Our team of experts provide guidance for our customers on various aspects of maritime operations within Nigeria from port call planning & budgeting, marine services procurement, engagement with government authorities (NPA, NIMASA, Customs, DPR, etc.), maritime security services, port parameter updates / validation, etc.Our in depth knowledge of the various ports in Nigeria, active players in each of them and future development plans ensures that we’re well positioned to provide appropriate guidance to our clients depending on what their objectives are.


  • Container Depot Management & Software Deployment
    Off-dock depots and Inland Container Depots remains a key component of the container logistics business in Nigeria. Our teams of experts are able to assist existing depot operators to improve performance and asset utilization via a combination of Process Excellence tools and appropriate software deployment.Likewise our advisory services are available for investors who wish to participate in the market by setting up new facility or investing in old / existing facilities. Our services cover infrastructure development, equipment deployment, staffing, financials and customer acquisition.


  • Import & Export (Strategy, Planning & Execution)
    Conducting international trade of physical goods (Import and Export) can be a daunting venture with its intrinsically complex nature.We provide comprehensive consulting services to guide the Importers and Exporters through the complex processes of controlled functions like classification, export and import documentations, type of license required, record keeping and trade agreement tariffs.We give advice on every aspect of importing and exporting including supplier selection, contract negotiation, favorable shipping terms, carrier and route selection, Customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, as well as any other area of concern for your company.We also work closely with individual or firms that require our guidance and expertise in securing below services.Custom Clearance, Transportation Services, Merchandising Services, Outsourcing Services, Warehousing Services, International Freight Forwarding Services, Door to Door Services, Packaging Services, Courier Services, Warehousing Services, Logistics Consultant, Supply Chain Management, Break Bulk Cargoes, ODC Cargo, Vessel Chartering and Project Cargoes.

    We can assist you set up your importing or exporting operation properly from the beginning, and can help you avoid delays, and will facilitate your supply chain giving your company the edge you need to compete in global markets. Through our consultancy service, we will work hand in hand with your organization, answer all your pressing questions, and provide solution to every challenge you may encounter in your business processes to give your company the confidence to expand globally.

  • Documentation and Customs BrokerageWe provide advisory services on documentation as well as customs brokerage for all aspects of shipping and logistics. Our services cover all forms of cargo (container, dry, bulk, wet, etc.) and vessels (container ships, tankers, bulk ships, air crafts etc.)
  • Procurement and Sourcing StrategyWe provide guidance and support to our customers when it comes to procurement and sourcing services across international borders.Our team of experts using world-class procurement tools and strategy ensure our clients get maximum value when sourcing for products from anywhere in the world.